Gute Marken Online GmbH is a content provider. According to Section 7 German Telecommunications Act (Telemediengesetz), it is therefore responsible for the "proprietary content" it provides. Although all content is carefully checked and continually updated, we cannot guarantee that it is complete, true, accurate, or up-to-date. For this reason, Gute Marken Online GmbH is not liable for any damages relating to the use of this content.

Our own contents are to be distinguished from the hyperlinks ("links") to contents provided by other suppliers. Gute Marken Online GmbH uses hyperlinks to make "external content" available for use, and these are identified as follows: external link. Gute Marken Online GmbH uses hyperlinks to provide access to these contents (Section 8 German Telemedia Act).

Gute Marken Online GmbH is not responsible for this "external" content, because Gute Marken Online GmbH has not caused the information to be transmitted or selected the audience for the transmitted information, and it has not selected or modified the transmitted information either.

Gute Marken Online GmbH does not perform automatic, temporary, intermediate storage of the "external information" on the basis of the selected viewing or linking methodology, and therefore Gute Marken Online GmbH is not responsible for such third party content either.

"Links" are always a reference to "live" (dynamic) third party internet sites. When a link is initially created, Gute Marken Online GmbH will subsequently check the external content to establish whether this link will result in liability under civil or criminal law. However, Gute Marken Online GmbH is under no obligation to constantly check for any changes to the content referred to on the Gute Marken Online GmbH website to establish whether these could later lead to liability.

Gute Marken Online GmbH will only remove the reference to a specific offer to the extent that this is technically feasible and reasonable, when Gute Marken Online GmbH discovers or is notified that this offer for which a link has been provided will result in civil or criminal liability. In terms of what is technically feasible or reasonable, this will not be affected by the fact that the illegal or criminal offer can still be accessed by other servers after Gute Marken Online GmbH has withdrawn access through its homepage.

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